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Shadow Ranch is about helping, it's about community and caring.  Sometimes the smallest things make the world of difference, especially to a child with autism or someone with special needs.  Join us to discover the hidden benefits of therapeutic riding and help make a difference in someone's quality of life.

Benefits of Therapeutic Riding

Shadow Ranch Riding Therapy Center is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people dealing with disabilities and / or debilitating situations in their lives.  This is accomplished through education, physical exercise, a sense of responsibility and self-esteem building by utilizing the therapeutic benefits of horseback riding and horsemanship.

This is carried out through distinct, yet overlapping programs that provide life skills development through structured therapeutic programs for children and adults with special needs.

Within the Sulphur Springs Texas Independent School District there are approximately 530 special needs students.  Depending upon their particular need, many students can benefit from riding therapy.  Shadow Ranch hopes to work hand in hand with the local school district's special needs curriculum to enhance their programs already in place, as well as providing programs for first responders (police, firefighters) and returning veterans who have sustained serious injury and who can benefit from therapeutic riding.

Physical Benefits
        - Improves strength and endurance
        - Increases range of motion
        - Improves coordination

Psychological benefits:
         - Promotes independence and self-control
         - Teaches sequential thinking and spatial awareness
         - Motivates by providing immediate reinforcement for effort
         - Develops pride in new abilities

Social Benefits
         - Promotes cooperation and interaction
         - Improves listening skills and attention spans
         - Provides opportunities to meet new friends
         - Provides a fun, challenging experience

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Shadow Ranch Riding Therapy Center is in the process of gaining our status as a non profit center which means that your contributions are tax deductible. To become involved, please contact 

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Shadow Ranch Riding Therapy Center is in the process of gaining our status as a non profit center which means that your contributions will be tax deductible.

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Shadow Ranch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and continues to appreciate all donations.
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